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Solution space is determined by the refinement. If a NURBS patch is the underlying geometry of the respective Design / Design BRep element, the polynomial degree (p,q,r) and the knot vector can be manipulated for every direction in the parameter space (u,v,w).

Parameter Description

Parameter Values, Default(*) Description
dp, dq, dr int
degree elevation by int
automatic degree elevation accordingly to underlying NURBS patch (only for DE-BREP-EL)
ep, eq, er int final polynomial degree
ru, rv, rw

<float, float, ... >
number of knots to be inserted per element
knots to be inserted
automatic knot insertion accordingly to underlying NURBS patch (only for DE-BREP-EL)
approximated element size in geometry space

Example of a Complete Input Block

!      DE-EL-ID   dp=     dq=    ru=<>     rv=<>
 DE-EL    1       ep=2                     ru=1 
 DE-EL    2       dp=1    dq=1             ru=3      rv=3
 DE-EL    3       dp=3    dq=3   dr=3      ru=2      rv=<0.5, 0.9>   rw=1  
 DE-EL    4       ep=3    eq=3             ru=0.25      rv=0.25
 DE-BREP-EL   1	  dp=auto                  ru=auto
 DE-BREP-EL   1	  dp=2                     ru=10

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