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Neumann boundary conditions can be applied to design elements with respect to their parametric coordinates.

Example of a Complete Input Block

!         ID  TYPE    DE-EL     LOC COOR        D1   D2   D3     VAL
DE-LOAD    1      DEAD	 1  u=10.0		D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0	VAL = 1  
DE-LOAD    2      DEAD	 1       		D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0	VAL = 1  LD-CURVE 1
DE-LOAD    3      MOMENT 1  DE-BREP 1		D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0	VAL = 1
DE-LOAD    4      DEAD	 1  u=5~7 v=3~10	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0	VAL = 1 !values for u and v have to be knots

!!Load type not necessarily defined for element type
!DEAD, DEAD_FL  	+ 	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0					! dead load in defined direction
!SNOW, SNOW_FL  	+ 	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0					! snow load from defined direction
!PRES, PRES_FL										! pressure load perpendicular to surface
!CENTRIFUGAL            +       D1=1.0  D2=0.0  D3=0.0 VAL=1 CTR_PT = 0,0,0             ! centrifugal load accounting for a rotating with constant rotational velocity body acting along axis (D1,D2,D3) around CTR_PT with amplitude VAL (VAL = rotationalVelocity*density*thickness)
!MOMENT_TAN										! moment around center line = nurbs curve
!MOMENT_G1, MOMENT_G1_FL								! moment around G1 / g1 (base vector of the geometric description of the element)
!MOMENT_POINT   	+ 	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0					! single moment around defined axis
!MOMENT                 + 	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0					! (single) moment around defined axis
!PAR_G1                                                                                 ! load in g1 direction (has to be tested)
!PAR_G2                                                                                 ! load in g2 direction (has to be tested) 
!TEMP 										        ! temperature load, equally distributed (+- epsilon)
!DELTA_TEMP	       (+ 	D1=-1	D2=0	D3=0 )					! temperature load with gradiant over thickness (in defined direction) (+- kappa)                    

In order to activate them, they have to be added to the respective load combination.

  TYPE=LD-NODE   1   FAC= 1.0
  TYPE=LD-ELEM   3   FAC= 1.0                 

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