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General Description

Topology of SolidPenta1 element [1]

Element Type

  • This element class provides 3D pentahedral elements
  • This element is treated as a de-genrated hexahedral element. It is derived from the SOLIDHEXA1 element class and inherits all features and parameters of the linear hexahedral element. For detailed information, please refer to the hexahedral element

Degrees of Freedom

All hexahedral elements use three translatoric degrees of freedom at each node.
They are named Disp_X, Disp_Y, Disp_Z.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description

Compulsory Parameters
Parameter Values, Default(*) Description
MAT EL-MAT int Linking to a material input block
INT_TYPE_PENTA FULL Control of integration type

Only full integration is available

Optional Parameters
Parameter Values, Default(*) Description
EAS int Flag Enhances Assumed Strains (EAS) method

Possible values are:

  • 0* = EAS off
  • 9 = full and locking free linear strains can be described (recommended for one axial bending)
  • 15 = ellimination of parasitic bi-linear strains
  • 24 = full and locking free bi-linear strains can be described (recommended for two axial bending)
  • 30 = full tri-linear strains can be described

Example of a Complete Input Block

MAT            = EL-MAT 1
EAS            = 0
 !  ElementID  Part-ID       EL-PROP             Node-IDs
NEL  1           1             1            1  2  3  4  5  6  


  1. Pictures taken from the notes to the lecture "Advanced Finite Element Methods for Solids, Plates and Shells" given by Carlos Felippa at the University of Colorado at Boulder. (4th August 2011)

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