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General Description

4-noded quad element

Element Type

This class provides a purely displacement formulated four-noded plane stress/plane strain element. It is intended for comparisons and introductory purpose only. The element is only able to perform geometrically linear static computations and cannot carry element loads.

Degrees of Freedom

All nodes of the plane stress/stain element have to be defined in the plane z=0 and all movements take place in this plane. So nodal displacements can be described by the two remaining translatoric degrees of freedom, Disp_X and Disp_Y.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description

Compulsory Parameters
Parameter Values, Default(*) Description
MAT EL-MAT int Linking to a material input block
THICKNESS real Parameter for constant element thickness
INT_TYPE_QUAD FULL Only full integration is available
MODE PSTRESS, PSRTAIN Switch to choose plane stress or plane strain computation

Example of a Complete Input Block

MAT           = EL-MAT 1
THICKNESS     = 0.1
EAS           = PSTRESS    ! choose: PSTRESS, PSTRAIN
 !  ElementID  Part-ID       EL-PROP        Node-IDs
NEL  1           1             1            1  2  3  4 


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